Sunday, December 30, 2012

New: 12 Days of... Stardoll?

Good Morning guys! Sorry I haven't blogged in so long, Christmas and the holidays have been keeping me really busy. But now I'm back! So today I decided to blog about the new 12 days of Stardoll.  As I don't have a screen camera, o.0 I am just going to talk all the whole time.... it appears to be the 3rd day of Stardoll by the way, meaning that there are only 9 days left.

It basically seems as if every main brand in the starplaza has its own day out of the 12 days, and it comes out with its own items that one day... sorry for this rushed and terrible post... I'm looking for a free screen camera.. o.o



  1. If you have an apple, use quicktime player. And then when its open, go to the top and click file, and then new screen recording.