Friday, December 28, 2012

Looking cosy in winter

Sorry to bother you with more fashion, but winter fashion is difficult so lets see.
  When I dress in winter, I try cozy and sweet, my edgy look is gone for the season. Usually when you accessorize, use scarfs and gloves, lose bangles and lose jewelry for now.
   This is one idea. I still kept some edge, maybe choose this near the end of break, (winter break) or a time when its not as cold. I used a knit shirt, (very popular) a knit scarf, regular washed jeans, and those edgy red boots I love. Jeans are your best friend right now, they go with everything.

  This is an outfit I would wear maybe lounging around the house, and off the shoulder top with cute leggings and shaggy boots. Whatever makes you comfy!

And a little add on just for you guys, makeup. In the winter, always choose neutral lipstick, or just lip gloss. When doing the eyes, go for a smoky look, using black or gray at the edges and having some blue and white to create a winter wonderland. In this picture I also added purple to create the smoky look and to add some color.