Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Comp 1

Hello Ladies!
This month we are going to have an awesome contest called Best Dressed. It's when you put your best outfit in your presentation, album or blog. I'd prefer for you to tell me so the judges can look over it. This month's theme is Winter Wonderland. The judges will be scoring you on good use of colors, quality, and style. You have util December 21'st to enter!Please comment you stardoll name if you entered. If you win first place, 100sd will be awarded(payment will be decieded after winner is announced)! Good Luck!

P.s If we get alot of submissions there might be multiple rounds


  1. I'm Entering! It seems reeally fun!

  2. Im done! Its in my album and I'm July7601Girl!

  3. I will definitely be entering! I will let you know when my outfit is done :)! - applemartini